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EffiProz is 2010 Red Herring Global 100 Winner

EffiProz pure C# database with Entity Framework Provider

Visit for latest commercial releases

EffiProz features and SQL dialect is very similar to HSQLDB 1.9/2.0

Silverlight 4 Live Demo.

Windows Phone 7

*Howto create a CLR stored function
*EffiProz Vs SQL Server CE
Dynamic SQL Execution using PREPARE, EXECUTE and DEALLOCATE PREPARE statements.

Lucene fulltext search with silverlight 4 database

CLR User-Defined Aggregate Functions

CLR Table-Valued Functions (TVFs) in EffiProz Silverlight Database

C# CRUD Code Generator SQLCODEGEN ( ) for EffiProz Database

More VS2010 Data Designer support screenshots


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